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Gas Boiler Experts - Gas Service London
Gas Leaks Repair | Gas Installation | Gas Inspection | Gas Maintenance

When you think about gas installation in London, remember that your heating system consists of several components and as such there are several issues you may encounter that affect its performance.

This is why gas service is so important. Older boilers can loset efficiency and affect how your home system works. Gas line supply problems require service at your home as your boiler won’t be able to heat the water that is part of the system.

Damaged thermostats result in irregular temperatures and blocked/broken radiators inhibit distribution of heat to the rooms in your house, more reasons why gas repair in London is such a vital service we provide. Heating and gas covers a wide range of services, from installing radiators and boilers to maintaining appliances, repairing gas leaks and issuing safety certificates.

Despite the differences in application and usage, each part of your heating and gas system plays a crucial role in keeping your household comfortable and running smoothly, day after day. Again this stresses the importance of regular gas service and gas repair in properties.

Our specialistic service comes with no surprises at the end, as does our process as well as the price.


Check our wide range of Gas Service across London - Servicing, Installation & Gas Leaks Repair London

Gas Installations London

Quick And Efficient Fitting Services

When it comes to getting a simple, cost effective and safe installation or gas service done in London, GasBoiler Experts is the company to call and the team to trust. Whatever gas service you need, we will work closely with you to ensure it can be done to suit your timelines and schedules, give you the freedom to get on with your life without major disruption. From leaks to repair, all our work comes with our industry leading guarantee of quality service, and we promise to leave your property clean and tidy on completion of our work. For all your gas service work in London, contact GasBoiler today.

Guarantee And Aftercare

When it comes to gas installation in London properties, appliances, water heaters and pipes are big investments, but we’ve got what you need. Our professional gas service comes with guranteed results delivering peace of mind to customers.

No matter what gas work, our customers all get quality aftercare service, which includes regular service for your gas appliances, water heater and pipes to keep them in optimal condition all year round. Contact us today to discuss all your gas installation needs in London. We’ve got you covered.

Gas Leaks Repair London

A Highly Skilled Team

At Gas Boiler Experts, we know how important gas service in London is, and how gas repair work can create a major hassle and cost. With us, our services will help you avoid the bigger bills with regular maintenance at your property. When you gas works that is provided by us, you can rest accrued that all our gas engineers have years of experience and go through regular training to enhance their professional skills.

Emergency Call Outs

In terms of gas repair in London, it’s often faulty gas appliances that put homes at risk. Our gas services offer emergency call outs designed to keep you safe. If you wake in the night and smell gas, our gas leaks team is on hand with our emergency call out service, available 24/7 with no call-out fee.

Our specialistic service allows, usually, to visit your house on the same day, with our gas service designed to diagnose and fix the issues quickly and efficiently. Our repair and inspection service, and general gas service for customers is available all across London. Call us now for all your gas service needs.

Gas Servicing London

Stress-Free Servicing

Getting gas service in London can be stressful. Our team of gas engineers take the stress away by offering flexible help for all customers. We are committed to providing gas service that fits your schedule and reduces your stress.

Stay Safe

Cracked gas pipes or broken seals can cause dangerous gas leaks in London homes. For gas powered homes, gas leaks are a real problem. Our service and repair helps minimise the risk of this, with standard checking of pipes and seals. Some old parts may become unsafe for continued usage, which is where regular gas inspection at your home is truly important.

Our gas service team in London can identify early signs and replace them with newer, better, manufacturer specified components, giving real peace of mind to all our gas service customers.

GAS BOILER - Gas Installation, Gas Repair & Gas Maintenance London

When it comes to getting gas service in London, it’s about keeping your home safe and avoiding costly breakdowns and maintaining efficiency. To ensure this, we recommended an inspection at your property at least once a year. Even if your boiler and central heating system  are in good working order, this gas service for customers is for safety and peace of mind. Our teams approximate that 75% of all boiler repairs could have been avoided by an annual gas boiler service, and also say that heating systems that require boiler repair end up being more costly due to a lack of regular service. Our gas work in London includes full cleaning and inspection, heat exchanger checks, main burner and pipework, pressure settings and controls.

Why Keeping Your Home’s Gas Boiler Clean is So Important

Getting a gas service for your boiler is important, as your boiler is your home’s circulatory system, so needs to pump heat and water efficiency, which is where a gas service comes in to keep your system clean and efficient. Even if the problem is not as serious as gas leaks in London properly, getting a regular inspection for your system is simply critical for ongoing maintenance and keeping the system clean. Our  experts suggest an annual inspection for peak efficiency to be maintained.

How Regular Maintenance
Keeps Your System Running Efficiently

Unfortunately, many homeowners do not see the need for, or importance of a regular gas service in their property. Our inspection experts are quick to remind all homeowners that an annual gas service can not only help avoid things like gas leaks, it is ultimately more cost efficient than waiting until the system breaks and needs costly and avoidable repair, which is never cheap. With different installation set ups in homes maintenance can mean different things at different times, but all such work can help you keep track of all the boiler service you get, keeping a detailed record of any damage that may happen in your property, as well as the overall cost.

Why choose Gas Boiler Experts as your Boiler Service London Company ?

When it comes to trusted, reliable, and well priced service and gas repair in London, Gas Boiler Experts is the company to choose. There are many reasons why people select us to do their installation, and as their regular inspection company.

Our unique approach to customer focused service ensures that all our services are designed to maximise the safety and efficiency of your system, and to do so at a price that our customers always appreciate as fair.

Whether it’s a new or upgrading gas installation at your home, or regular inspection at your commercial premises, when you choose our team you are guaranteed to get prompt service and reliable results.

Another reason people use our gas service in London is for the peace of mind we provide, and the money we can help save customers. Our regular service helps people avoid more costly repairs that can occur when systems do not receive appropriate maintenance.

When the worst happens, people can also trust us to fix their potential dangerous gas leaks anywhere, and to do it quickly. Contact us today, you’ll soon appreciate why people choose us for their service.


How a Gas Service London Works:
A guide to your Gas Boilers & Gas Leaks

When it comes to gas installation in London, your boiler is designed to transfer heat to water, essentially heating up water that is then pumped around your home.

As our team knows, where some homeowners may not, gas boilers function in a similar way to oil or biomass boilers, with the central element being the burner, which is switched on and off by a heating control. For most installations, homeowners can trigger the switch manually or set their thermostat to react when the temperature drops below a certain level.

The burner is connected to a heat exchanger that heats water in its chamber, the hot water is then pumped in the direction of the heating circuit. When homes have a gas installation in London, the epicentre of the gas heating boiler is the control technology, which is directly responsible for the efficient and trouble-free operation of the system.

A gas boiler homes is, without question, the most crucial element of a central heating system, providing a continuous supply of natural gas from pipes out to a gas main in the street.

With this central role, a regular gas service for your home is always advisable and highly recommended, helping avoid gas leaks or costly gas repairs in London.

As our experts explain to our customers, heating your home when you switch on the boiler with an electric switch, at which point a valve opens and gas enters a sealed combustion chamber in the boiler through lots of small jets, and an electric ignition system sets them alight.

For all your gas service, installation and repair needs, contact Gas Boiler Experts today for a trusted and reliable service.

Our Gas Installation Service - Gas Repair London

New Gas Appliances

At GasBoilers Experts, we offer a range of gas services in London, including gas installation for your new gas appliances, including boilers, cookers, fires and water heaters, with our gas engineers ensuring all new pipework is routed safely and to your requirements. Our work includes all relevant certificates as proof the installation meets the required standards.

Landlord Safety Checks

In addition to gas installation and gas repair work in homes, we are on hand to do landlord inspection work too. Annual inspections on rental homes and appliances are legally required, as are gas inspections 28 days before any new occupancy. Contact GasBoiler Experts for all your gas needs.

Gas Safety Certificates

When it comes to gas service and gas safety in homes and businesses, getting regular maintenance is critical for safety compliance regulation observance. From avoiding gas leaks in London homes to offsetting more costly repairs in business premises, getting an annual safety certificate is both safe and cost efficient. At GasBoiler Experts, we will also remind you of the date of your next inspection via email, giving peace of mind as well as great service.

Maintenance & Repairs

Even with the best products, occasional problems can crop up, which is why we recommend regular gas service for your London home and appliances. GasBoiler Experts provide gas repair for customers that is both cost and time efficient, with ongoing gas maintenance packages for all brands and systems. With us, the heating service is safe and money saving.

Gas Boiler Experts - Top Quality Gas Service
What is a Gas Inspection in London ?


All gas inspection work must be carried out by a Gas Safe Registered engineer. With our team, as with all accredited professionals, an inspection consists of a series of thorough checks on the heating systems and appliances within a building or property.

Our expert inspectors will check for damage on and around the gas appliances as part of all inspection jobs, performing visual and operational checks to test your appliances and pipework to see whether they comply with the Gas Safety Regulations 1998 and other gas standards.

Part of any inspection and gas service in London is the visual risk assessment of appliances. If it is a specific building or block of flats that have building regulations in place, the inspection will also check to see if the gas appliances conform to those standards.

While checking, our engineers will explain any faults to keep customers informed.  The gas inspection report given to our customers details how long you have available to fix any faults that have arisen to ensure that the premises are safe.

Getting repeated  gas service in London can be a hassle, which is why our services are designed to help avoid repeated issues. For all your gas needs anywhere, contact us today and let us give you peace of mind and enhanced safety in your home.

Gas Safety - Get a Gas Inspection
When Buying or Selling a Home

With any and all boiler work in your London home, safety should always be the guiding principle and top priority. Moving home can be a highly stressful time with so many things to think about and get done, but getting the right gas safety in place in your new home, with a quality gas service is something that cannot take a back seat. 

At Gasboiler Experts, all our inspections and installation work is done by Gas Safe registered engineers who are legally qualified and highly experienced with appliances, flues or pipework. From gas leaks repair to ensuring that your new home’s gas appliances are in good working order, our service has you covered.  

Another reason why professional gas service in your London property is critical is because faulty appliances can be dangerous in terms of carbon monoxide poisoning, gas leaks, fires and explosions, so get a good inspection company in before you move. 

Automatic industrial burner control unit. Round mechanical pressure gauge for measuring pressure. Gauges in the boiler room near the heating pipes with insulation coating. Oil and gas pipeline

What Action Should you Take?
What to think of in terms of Gas Installation?

When you buy a new home, you want to check that there has been regular boiler servicing at the London property, which will allow you to get an up to date gas safety record and a current gas safety certificate. To do this, follow these steps: 


Ask the current owners for a gas safety record or certificate for all appliances in the property, and the boiler servicing record for the London property. 


If they can’t provide a record, or it’s been over 12 months since the last check, get in touch with a Gas Safe registered engineer to carry out a gas safety check before you move in, and never forget how important boiler servicing is.

5 Uses of Natural Gas in Your Home Other Than Heating

When it comes to heating homes, many homeowners consider the benefits of natural gas before getting a boiler installation at their London property. Cutting down energy costs is important to most, so the right boiler installation makes a lot of difference for many of your daily home heating functions, as discussed below. 

Cooking with Gas

As an experienced boiler gas service company in London, we see increasing instances where people who like to cook, the dedicated amateur chefs prefer using a gas-powered oven instead of an electric set up. As well as more nuanced temperature controls, gas stovetops offer more energy efficiency compared to electric cooking. With the rightgas installation, you can eliminate the need for an ever-burning pilot in favor of an electric ignition, meaning a reduction of 40 percent less gas.

Heating Water

Many of our gas installation jobs in London are in homes connected to gas that include a hot water heater relying on the system. As well as gas being more economical than electric for heating water, gas hot water heaters typically range from 20 to 100 gallons to fit a variety of households, so represent a great option. Additionally, this kind of service is more efficient as gas usually heats water faster than electricity, so you may be able to run a smaller-capacity unit.

Cooling your Home

Gas powered air conditioning units may be somewhat more expensive as an upfront cost, but they usually need lower operating costs than electric units with a similar capability and capacity. As with some gas installation work in London, they can deliver longer term energy savings and a reduced dependency on electrical grids and services.

Lighting a Fire

If you want to enjoy a nice, roaring fire, firewood gathering doesn't have to be the way to get that. As a gas service company in London, we often help with installations of gas fireplaces, most of which offer high efficiency without the usual mess of a wood-burning model. Additionally, our proffesional team can extol the convenience virtues of the gas fire, with on-off switch controls that optimize the benefits of gas.

Drying your Clothes

When compared to electric models, gas clothes dryers can save up to 50 percent in energy costs with quicker drying and increased efficiency. As a gas service company in London, we also know that natural gas dryers use a larger quantity of dry, absorbent air, which passes through your clothes and dries them more quickly.

Gas installation London
Trusted Commercial gas leaks repair engineers in London

When it comes to gas installation in London, we set industry standards in commercial gas works. From gas leaks in shops to maintenance in office blocks, our work is frequently based on word of mouth recommendation.

Our team of dedicated commercial repair and inspection engineers is professionally accredited and customer focused, ensuring that all our commercial  maintenance and service work is done quickly and professionally.

At Gas Boiler Experts, we pride ourselves on being thorough and safety conscious with all our gas services. After initial assessments, we quickly determine what gas repairs is needed at your location, offering clear pricing and keeping you informed at every stage of the project.

Our customer-centric approach to gas installation work for commercial clients ensures that we build customer relationships that last. We promise high quality results using the best materials and techniques for all our gas services in London properties.

When you need fully guaranteed work from experienced, Gas Safe registered commercial gas engineers at highly competitive prices, use our inquiry form to get all your gas service and gas repair work done quickly.

Gas Leaks London Problems and Solutions!

What Should I Do
If My Boiler Smells Like Gas?

Gas leaks in London properties always need to be attended to quickly. Though our boiler cover and insurance promises repair, we also recommend  that customers get a gas specialist to assess your boiler immediately if you smell gas, ensuring that your boiler is safe for your home and health.

While waiting for gas leak repairs at your property, adhere to the following guidelines to maintain safety:

  • Open all doors and windows are open
  • Switch off your gas supply, keep off until the gas leaks specialist gives the all clear
  • Don’t operate electrical switches
  • Don’t smoke cigarettes
  • Don’t light naked flames (such as candles), matches or cigarette lighters
  • Avoid turning on lights or any devices connected to the electrics
  • If you feel unwell, visit your GP/hospital, tell them of potential carbon monoxide

What could cause
my boiler to smell like gas?

When you think there may be gas leaks at your home, or why your boiler smells like gas, this could be for many reasons. If you suspect a serious leak and can smell something that is like a rotten egg smell, we recommend contacting a gas leaks specialist immediately who can provide the help you need. Such damage need to be seen to by a professional, who can diagnose many things that need servicing, including:

  • Gas leaks
  • Circuits or elements becoming too hot
  • Build-up of dust

At Gas Boiler Experts, we offer specialistic service in London, including emergency cover packages to suit all budgets.

Contact us today for a quote on gas installation work and all your gas needs anywhere.

How to Prevent Gas Leaks

When it comes to preventing gas leaks at your property, prevention is better than cure. With regular gas service in London, gas leaks and other issues can be avoided, making gas service at your home and on appliances cost effective.

Check Connections Regularly

Getting a gas service at your home to check the connection fittings on your gas-fired appliances and heating equipment should be done every six months. For those who want a professional to do that kind of service, contact Gas Boiler Experts for gas service in London always done by our trained team of experts.

Use Only Licensed Professionals

When it comes to any gas installation work in London, including plumbing gas lines, training and experience is needed, and service should only be provided by a licensed professional.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Gas Installation London and Gas Service London

Completion of every gas installation job in London requires the provision of a gas safe installation/repair certificate, as required by British Law.

Gas leaks repair in London properties should be done by a professional engineer to help avoid putting you, your family, tenants, or property in danger. Getting the professional gas repair done in your London home can help avoid the hazard of carbon monoxide poison, a  result of improperly connected gas-fuelled equipment.

Our GasBoiler Experts team offers gas installation work, gas repair, and a range of other gas services in London for your ovens hoods, gas boilers, gas cookers and hobs.  Our gas service team in London includes gas safe registered engineers and certified electricians. 

In most cases, your gas appliance fitting service will be completed in about an hour to an hour and a half, that’s what our gas service in London offers, true efficiency