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House Demolition
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When it comes to cutting edge, reliable demolition service, Gas Boiler Experts is at the forefront of the industry. As an established demolition company, we always utilize techniques to professionally and safely accomplish what our clients want, efficiently and professionally. 

As a company that specializes in both partial demolition and full demolition of large and smaller structures, specifically four stories or lower, we are able to provide demolition service all across London. 

Our customer-focussed approach ensures that we do a thorough job, every time, providing a demolition service that includes the safe removal of hazardous materials from structures such as schools, homes, rural buildings, agricultural sites, brown fields, industrial buildings and institutional buildings. 

Our professional demolition service is available for structures including shopping centres, ships, tankers, locomotive structures, underground parking areas, with demolition available across London where demolition and environmental impact is a concern, for complete or partial dismantling and site remediation.

As a professional demolition company we know that dismantling industrial or commercial sites needs to be done safely, and is work that requires a professional demolition company to guarantee results. All our demolition work is done by our team of highly trained professionals who are on hand to dismantle and remove site materials to our client’s exact specifications and requirements.

Our demolition service also includes HVAC room deconstruction and removal, even with sites where asbestos abatement and hazardous materials are an issue. At Gas Boiler Experts, our demolition procedures are done by following strict rules and regulations revolving around these types of materials, so contact us today for all your demolition service needs. 

Demolition Services FAQs

With our demolition service, we estimate that a standard 1800 square foot house takes approximately one day for asbestos removal, one day to strip it out and two to three days once the excavator and trucks come on site.

Yes, Gas Boiler Experts does demolition work that ends with the site being totally cleared. We demolish all buildings and structures; remove appropriate vegetation, footings and any building rubble under the surface. Our demolition service comes with the guarantee that your site is left clean and graded, ready for new construction.

With our demolition service, we suggest that around two to three weeks is needed to organize demolition permit applications and to arrange all utilities and site services to be abolished.

Yes, for ours, and any demolition service a demolition permit must be obtained from the city or council authorities  in which your structure is located. A demolition permit is required to demolish all or part of a building, so we will need to have that before we provide demolition service.

As a trusted demolition company, our demolition service is only done when the electricity and gas is fully disconnected at the property line prior to the start of any demolition job. Water can usually be shut off at the property line, whilst telephone cables can be cut, rolled up and attached back to the pole. Disconnecting the services is crucial to the quick progression of the demolition work and should be done as soon as possible, as it can take between two and three months to organize this with the utilities.

Gas Boiler Experts is able to collect the information you need to start the demolition permit application, all part of our demolition service, as well as assisting with the utility disconnections. Any tree removal permits need to be obtained by the owner of the property before our demolition service can begin. 

Why Choose Our Demolition Company?

When it comes to demolition service and professional demolition service, Gas Boiler Experts is the company to trust. 

We are proud to  boast a team of highly experienced demolition contractors who use the highest quality equipment and are always on hand to do your demolition work. Whatever the scale of your demolition work, we are a demolition company that has a team of highly trained professionals who will do  risk assessments and provide method statements before any demolition service is started. 

All our demolition equipment has been manufactured by established industry brands with a proven track record of excellence, ensuring that all our demolition service work is done to the highest standards across the industry. 

Our reputation is as a trusted demolition company, and one of the many reasons people choose us, is the fact that our tools are also regularly maintained and rigorously tested to ensure maximum performance at all times.

We also offer a full site clearance as part of our demolition service, and we will dispose of any debris and waste after our demolition work, including responsible disposal of hazardous waste. All building waste will be recycled for salvage and aggregates as part of our environmentally friendly approach to all demolition services.

If you want a free, no commitment demolition service quote from a demolition company you can trust, contact Gas Boiler Experts today. Our demolition team will discuss, assess, and deliver the quote for the demolition work you may need, with our commitment to spare prices for all our demolition work.