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When it comes to boiler servicing, Gas Boiler Expert Ltd. has you covered. Our years of industry experience allow us to offer a wide range of boiler repair and boiler installation work across London, each coming with our trusted guarantee.

Whether you need boiler service at your home due to a much needed boiler replacement, or gas, plumbing or heating work including unvented cylinder installation or repair, we are here to get things done time and cost efficiently for all customers. Regular boiler repair in London homes can often save money by avoiding the need for a new boiler, which is what we recommend.

When the time comes for a new system, our fully accredited boiler installation and British Gas boiler servicing teams will work closely with you to ensure you have the most efficient system and boiler servicing options for your home. As well as these boiler services, we also provide everything from underfloor heating to bathroom installations, making our boiler service for customers as extensive in terms of options as it is trusted for results.

All our boiler replacement and boiler service projects are only ever signed off on when the highest safety regulations are met, and our customers are completely satisfied with our work. So whether you need a boiler installation or boiler replacement service at your property, or ongoing boiler servicing or other gas work, contact Gas Boiler Experts Ltd, and let us show you how we live up to our name.

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Why should you choose our boiler servicing London

Trusted Company

When it comes to boiler servicing London, Gas Boiler Experts is the company to trust. Our years of invaluable industry experience and our guranteed results ensure that all our boiler repair and boiler installation work is both high quality and delivers what customers want. Whether you live in a flat or a townhouse, you can trust our professionals to work with you to ensure the most efficient and cost effective boller installation and ongoing boiler service is always what you get. Whether it’s a British Gas Boiler Servicing job or a valiant boiler servicing you need, you can trust us with your project.

Affordable Prices

We know how important a reliable boiler installation is for our customers, and also how crucial boiler service is in London properties. That’s why we offer a trusted service done at affordable prices. Our customers are always our focus, and for all our boiler service work we ensure that costs are kept down without ever compromising in the quality of our service. All our boiler servicing and boiler repair options for customers are priced to please, and enable us to offer ongoing service that fixes your system without breaking the bank. Affordable pricing with trusted results, that’s our boiler service guarantee in London

Work Done on Time

Whether it’s a new boiler installation in a townhouse, or an important boiler repair at your flat, we know that time is money, and that customers need things done both cost and time efficiently. Our fully accredited professionals offer boiler installation and boiler service work across London that is done quickly and efficiently, and at a time that is convenient for our customers. We cause minimum disruption but deliver maximum results. From British Gas boiler servicing to any of our other boiler repair or boiler installation options, our team is dedicated to working as quickly as possible and always guaranteeing the highest safety standards in the industry. Time efficient, delivering peace of mind, guaranteeing results, that’s Gas Boiler Experts Ltd.

Get a FREE boiler replacement London Consultation Today!

If you’re looking for boiler servicing in London that you can trust, or important boiler repair work that has to be done to the highest quality, call Gas Boiler Experts Ltd. Calling us gets you a fully accredited professional guarantee, boiler servicing and boiler installation that sets industry standards for safety, and results to trust.

Do you need boiler servicing in your London home?
Gas Boiler Experts offers boiler replace, maintenance, repair & boiler installation

What is a Boiler Service & Boiler Replacement London, and why do I need one?

When it comes to regular boiler servicing in London, put simply, it’s as important as getting your car MOT. Boiler servicing at your property gives peace of mind for your ongoing safety, as well as helping avoid expensive boiler repairs later when a boiler servicing expert picks up issues early.

Boiler servicing is about ensuring your boiler is working efficiently and remains in good working order.. Systems that do not get regular boiler servicing can become inefficient and problematic, affecting your heat and hot water provision, and adding money to your bill.

More importantly, regular boiler servicing in London homes provides more safety, and our boiler installation experts also check for leaks during any boiler servicing call out. That’s why getting a boiler servicing professional is so important.

From keeping the costs down to ensuring an efficient system for your heat and hot water, regular boiler servicing at your property is encouraged for many reasons.

When you need reliable and regular  boiler servicing, contact us for time and cost efficient results delivered by fully accredited engineers and safety conscious professionals.

Importance of a Manual
Boiler Servicing London

Put simply, getting a professional boiler service in your property is a critical part of running a home and is highly recommended. Ensuring an annual boiler service in London should be done with an accredited firm and trained engineers who can assess the boiler and recommend boiler repairs if needed. Whatever boiler installation you have in your home, boiler service is not to be overlooked.

For both efficiency and safety reasons, our boiler service can protect from dangers including carbon monoxide poisoning, electrical faults or heat/hot water inefficiencies. Boiler service for boilers is not a luxury, they are a necessity for the upkeep  and maintenance of your property.

For boiler installations in London that come with 7 year warranties, an annual boiler service is still required to maintain the warranty’s validity. Our boiler service engineers are highly trained and expertly experienced, equipped and trained to carry out all the necessary tests at a time that fits our customers’ schedule

Aa part of our superb customer service, every boiler service, boiler repair, or boiler installation job includes a detailed breakdown of our services giving you peace of mind that no hidden fees or extras will ever come your way. For all your boiler service and boiler repair needs, contact us today.

Our boiler servicing, boiler repair & boiler replacement London
What We Do?

Safety is important, which is why our boiler servicing in London is designed to be thorough and cost effective. Our boiler servicing helps us identify any issues and allows us to resolve them before more costly boiler repair work is needed. In most cases, boiler servicing for properties boilers is manufacturer recommended. If you think you may need boiler servicing in your home, contact GasBoiler Experts without delay.

Checks our boiler servicing in London include: 

  • Boilers fired up to identify any faults
  • All main boiler components checked: burner, heat exchanger, spark electrode
  • Checks on flue terminals and internal flue components, checking for proper seals
  • Checking that your burner is burning efficiently using a flue gas analyzer
  • Boiler parts cleaned if necessary
  • Gas tightness test conducted to ensure no gas leaks
  • Boiler casing checked to see it’s properly sealed

Our boiler servicing engineers working in London are customer focussed, ensuring they inform you of everything they do as they go along, with boiler servicing designed to provide swift solutions, full support, and cost efficient boiler servicing for all London clients.

Do I need a new boiler installation or boiler replacement London?

If your old boiler stops working, you may need a new boiler installation at your  property.
Problems that may occur and lead to a boiler repair or boiler installation job in London include:

No Hot Water Or Heating

If you are wondering why your heat and hot water supply are faulty or intermittent, or your hot water not constant, you may need boiler maintenance in your London property.

Strange Noises

Some new boiler installation work or boiler repair in London is done due to people hearing odd hissing or benign noises, often meaning problems with water pressure or air in heating systems.

House Is Still Cold

Sometimes an old boiler can mean you have a heating or hot water, but it is either not very warm or isn’t heating the whole of your house, so a new boiler installation at your London home may be needed.
Not all problems require a new boiler installation in London properties, as our Gas Boiler Experts team can do boiler servicing or boiler repair that fixes the issues quickly. We always assess and diagnose and offer the most cost effective boiler servicing to all customers.

About boiler repair, boiler installation & boiler replacement London

Selecting the best boiler for your boiler installation in London is not always easy, with Combi the most popular option, a system that combines a water heater and central heating system in one package.This kind of boiler installation in your London home does require an external tank but with that, it only stores hot water, while the heating is carried out by the boiler itself. 

Another type of boiler installation that London customers have the option of is a standard boiler. These boilers need hot and cold water tanks and are often preferable for  older homes with existing heating and storage systems.

In most cases, we expect a new boiler installation in London properties to be needed after 10 to 15 years, the average lifespan for a boiler, with some lasting longer, some less. Boiler repair work in London properties can soon become expensive, so deciding when the right time for a new boiler installation could be both cost and energy efficient in the long run. Our boiler installation experts in London are on hand to advise you about the right time for this. 

On many occasions, our boiler repair in London sees us find common problems with simple fixes, but knowing whether the issue is more serious is where a professional boiler service engineer in London is critical, helping avoid more expensive boiler repairs down the line. Our team of experienced boiler servicing and boiler repair experts in London will make this assessment quickly and efficiently. 

When customers ask about how often they should get boiler servicing for their London home, we recommend a regular service schedule, even if nothing is wrong. This annual boiler service for London customers helps them prolong the life of their system and maintain maximum energy and cost efficiency.

Boiler Servicing, Maintenance Tips
by best Boiler Replacement Company London

Get the boiler
serviced every year

Getting a professional boiler servicing for your London home each year can help prevent boiler failures, ongoing faults, maintain energy efficiency and will extend the lifespan of your system, also ensuring that the manufacturer’s warranty remains valid. Our boiler servicing teams in London offer professional, guaranteed boiler servicing, with each member of our team being Gas Safe Certified for your peace of mind and safety.

Check the
Boiler Pressure

Our boiler servicing in London includes many checks, one of which is checking that the pressure is at the right level, ensuring that your system is circulating hot water around the pipes and radiators in your home . Checking the pressure gauge will allow our boiler servicing engineers in London to the correct level according to the manufacturer’s user instructions, usually between 1 and 2 bar.

Bleed the radiators
Every Year

As our boiler servicing experts in London remind customers all the time, bleeding radiators can help clear the pockets of air that prevent the radiator from heating up fully. This action does not require a boiler servicing expert to visit your Lonodn home, as you can release this air by bleeding the radiators.

Balance the

With many boiler installations in London homes the radiators which are furthest away from the boiler are cooler than those near the boiler, which is where balancing comes in. Not as simple as the bleeding process, balancing radiators can be part of boiler servicing in London homes and can help the system to heat more evenly throughout the home.

Check for
Radiator Problems

As our boiler servicing experts in London know all too well, radiators getting hot at the top but remaining cold at the bottom is a common issue. This is often due to debris and dirt amassing in your boiler system over time, before settling at the bottom of the radiator. A regular boiler servicing in your London property could avoid this, as well as the more expensive energy bills that are a result of leaving this unchecked.

Never try to Repair a Boiler Yourself

When it comes to boiler repair and boiler servicing in London it is always better to get a professional engineer to do the work. If not handled properly, or without professional knowledge, gas pipes and appliances can be extremely dangerous and could cause fires, explosions or carbon monoxide poisoning. For all your boiler servicing and boiler installation needs in London, call in our professionals.

When should you
do a Boiler Replacement
with a new boiler?

When it comes to boilers some systems and brands can last for many years if you get regular boiler servicing on your London boiler, but a new boiler installation may be necessary eventually.

We all know that boiler repair bills can be steep and, over time, they add up to quite a sum. Put simply, there comes a time when a new boiler replacement in your home becomes inevitable.

So, what signs are there that a new boiler replacement at your property is needed:

1. Unexplained, sudden rise in heating bills
2. Recurring issues leading to more frequent boiler servicing at your home.
3. Unusual noises emanating from boilers and/or radiators
4. Sulphurous smells when the boiler is on.
5. Leaking boiler
6. Expensive and hard to source replacement parts

If one or more of these sounds familiar, contact us today to discuss a cost and energy effective boiler replacement at your London home.

When you need a boiler replacement or new boiler installation at your London home, contact us for an instant, no commitment quote.

Seeing an error message flashing in your boiler is stressful, not what anyone wants. No heating, no hot water, you need boiler servicing at your property quickly, for both efficiency and safety reasons.

This is where Gas Boiler Experts are on hand to help. When it comes to boiler replacement, boiler installation, and boiler servicing in London, we offer industry leading service, with a guarantee to get you a new replacement boiler  up and running, restoring your heat and hot water within 24 hours.

Our cost effective boiler replacement and boiler installation services are all completed by experienced engineers, using our years of industry experience to give customers great service and peace of mind. Using quality brands and superior customer service, our boiler replacement work is second to none.

Getting a boiler installation in London can be an unwanted and surprise expense, which is why we work with each customer to match the budget they have. Our team also offers cost-effective boiler servicing to all customers, all part of the price.

When Gas Boiler Experts do a new boiler installation at your home,  you can rest assured that you will get a high-efficiency boiler, with a trusted guarantee, all designed to keep energy bills and repair costs low. Contact us today for a boiler replacement quote.

Does water quality affect my choice of boiler installation & replacement in London?

When it comes to boiler installation projects, the quality of your water can make a difference. When you have checked the quality of the water you receive in your home, you can determine what is best for you in terms of your boiler installation.

Water in the UK varies in terms of whether it is hard or soft, with the scale being quite variable from country to city areas. Most cities have harder water, meaning boiler installation in London should be based on that level of water quality.

Our boiler installation teams are used to working with hard water preferable systems, but with a wide choice of boilers, getting a boiler installation is not difficult. Certain boilers are preferable for hard water areas, so asking your boiler installation engineer in London to advise on these issues is important.

Ultimately, the boiler installation choice is more down to cost and efficiency than it is to the water quality.

GasBoiler Experts: Preparing Boiler Installation Projects by Boiler Company London

When you decide to get a boiler installation at your property, it’s all about safety, cost, efficiency, and getting the best team on the job. At GasBoiler Experts, we treat every boiler installation London project we do as a priority, and that includes the preparation that needs to be done before the installation starts.

>Our boiler installation experts can visit your property and assess exactly what your energy needs are, and how best we can ensure the most efficient boiler installation for your property.

Using the most trusted techniques and the highest safety standards in the industry, we will prepare your home for the new boiler installation and ensure the project runs smoothly, keeping you informed every step of the way.

To discuss a boiler installation project at your London home, and to help us prepare things to ensure maximum efficiency and cost benefits, contact Gas Boiler Experts today.

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